Web, iOS(iPhone/iPad), Apple TV Support

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  How to Watch on your PC/Mac 
Login to your account portal at http://iptv.tempoafrictv.com/myaccount.php.
Once logged in, click on the "WATCH" button. You can watch online via the web browser on your PC or Mac with
catch up (DVR) for some channels. Never Miss Any Programs!.

  How to Watch: iOS (iPhone/iPad) & Apple TV 
iPhone & iPad: Login to your account portal at http://iptv.tempoafrictv.com/myaccount.php at via Safari browser.
Once logged in, click on the "WATCH" button, select the channel and enjoy watching.

Apple TV: If you want to send streaming from your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch) to the Apple TV, just click on the
AirPlay icon in the video player, and enjoy watching on the big screen.

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